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Monica Martin- Healer & Academic

Monica Renee Martin is called to a life of spiritual mastery.  Her gifts are amazing and incredibly powerful.  She has been a teacher all of her adult life and practicing bodywork, including craniosacral therapy.  She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from JFK University  and is a PHD candidate at CIIS in San Francisco, CA working on her dissertation about how trauma can lead to spiritual development.  She can track remotely and can hold space virtually.   She embodies The Teacher and serves others helping them to do the same.  Her current focus is on group development for spiritual entrepreneurs.  Her practices are way ahead of their time, and the future of teaching  (should we be so lucky).


“I have known the candidate Monica Renee Martin over a year as a PHD candidate student in the Transpersonal Psychology department at Sophia in Palo Alto, CA.  I have also worked closely with her as an (informal) advisor. Monica has assisted in helping edit for academic journal publication.  Monica has already begun facilitating classes quite proficiently, as well as research for academic publication.  She is one of my most revered and special students.

Her interest and work in transpersonal, east/west, and somatic psychology are both important and inspired. Her personal and scholastic insights are interwoven with her life work as she practices what she learns and brings genuine embodiment to her work. She is very skilled at both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis.  She is a gifted scholastic writer as well as teacher.  Her life is truly her work.  She is destined for greatness ; )”

Monica Renee Martin

Monica Martin

Monica Martin is very motivated and holds herself to the highest standards.  She is always reaching higher and is already one of our top students.  She is in a league of her own and is considered a peer.  Monica’s ability to analyze logically is impeccable. Her literature reviews are well thought out and sound.  Her work in Quantitative analysis is quite as good as her qualitative work top notch. She has both a keen mind and brings imagination, grounded in intuition to her work.  She is both very proficient in the theoretical as well as the statistical.  She is hands on as well as independent and cohesive with her cohort.

Monica’s life work is in Somatic Psychology, from her craniosacral practice to her academic research and study.  Her work in Cranial-sacral pushes the boundaries as she effectively incorporates dialogue and other forms of body work such as message. Not sure they would know that : /

Monica is gifted in many ways.  She is an insightful scholar and pragmatic yet open minded thinker as well as a great communicator, facilitator and writer.  She is very good at research and learns new concepts and practices easily and masterfully.  Monica has the ability to speak with very high effectiveness to many audiences about her work from the average client to the top professors.

Monica does very well being present with groups and participating in many ways.  She holds space for herself as well as others and is always prepared for class and engaged.  She has an open mind and really listens well to others without judgment.  She encourages her peers and is very helpful.  She works well collaboratively.

Monica is very much a self-directed person who utilizes her resources effectively to further her studies, her practice, and her life.  She will take direction, gain insights of her own and communicate clearly her understanding as well as her own unique perspective on things.  Monica is very thorough and organized.  She is good too her word and always delivers impressive work ahead of schedule.  She is very passionate which drivers her amazing motivation.  She does this because she is meant to and she know it.”

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