Philosopher Stoned - Recovered book and album release 2009 shot by Jonathan Jeyes

Philosopher Stoned – Recovered book and album release 2009 shot by Jonathan Reyes at the Theater at San Pedro Square in San Jose, CA.


Poetry, electronic music and photography is my way of processing and sharing my personal challenges in my life so you may find you are not alone, and see hope even in the darkest of times. It takes a lot of courage to expose myself as openly and honestly as I do, and it helps me and others as well.

The books and albums I have published are my way to share what I have been through and to move on in my life and to the next creative project I have envisioned.  The creative process from concept to release of something has been therapeutic for me in many ways.

I do this not for the money, but to share with you, friends and family and the money helps cover the basic costs to do what I could not finance myself.

More and more people are able to engage my work and I would love to share more than just a song or poem at a time, but the body of my work covering the span of a lifetime with all the ups and downs along the way.  It’s about broad strokes, seasons, and chapters.  It about so many different pieces coming together in a life shared over time.

The purpose is to bring my Life Work to people who can connect with it and hopefully benefit from it.  This much content is certainly a challenge to share in traditional ways.

Here is an idea about how to make it possible and I would love your help!

I want to create custom USB drives with my website logo on them and preload my books and albums.  This way people will gain access to my Life’s Work and can follow up on my website and blog as I continue to share my journey

Will you help support my vision and help fund the purchase of a minimum order 100 custom USB drives?

Each and every donation is truly appreciated : )

A donation of $20 buys three custom USB drives! 

For donating $20, I will receive one of the USB drives. You not only have access to all my work, but also a cool USB drive for extra storage! 

For donating $30, you could choose a custom tee shirt, some of which are in the gallery images on this page (others can be seen at

If you are able to contribute $50 or more, you will also receive a custom tee-shirt of your choice (see some on the gallery images of this page) as well as a fully loaded USB drive!

Thank you for your support in sharing and donating for this campaign.

This is an experiment in new ways of sharing art and exploration about how art can affect our lives.  I think it is important to support artists, especially trying new things to advance art as we know it : )

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