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Part 1

What if I told you you were losing your mind?  Would you want to know why?  Would you want to know if something could be done to save it?  What if I told you you did not even really exist?  Would this frighten you?  Would you laugh?  Call it crazy?  What if I told you you were mainly an unconscious reaction to your environment? What if man was using technology to understand and control the world, including each other? What if man has made a world which now makes man?  What if we had no real choices? What if our thoughts were just a story we were telling ourselves while our truly miraculous existence wasn’t even being experienced? What technology is coming between us and experiencing the miracle of existence? Does your existence feel like a miracle to you?  Well it is, but why don’t we feel it?

It is time to take a look at what we are doing and really look at the consequences for our actions collectively.  If we do not question our behavior on a mass level how do we know how we are behaving as a species? How do we know the future we are creating?  Don’t you want to know what the future may look like based on how we live today?  Global warming and environmental pollution is one thing.  What if I told you our minds and how qw experience the world are changing much faster than the external environment?  Wouldn’t you want to know how, especially if it meant losing your freedom?

We are not really aware of what we are doing or where we are going because we do not care to ask these important questions.  We accept technology in blind faith much like how some worship in their religions, except our Gods are of our own making.  They are men and women created in unreal worlds experiencing things no one else can experience in the perfection of mass media production.

Would you rather speak to your child in person and feel their warm body in your embrace?  Would you rather visit the glorious beauties of nature than read about them online?  What if we are losing the ability to not only preserve the natural world, but preserve the ability to make conscious choices in educated awareness?  What if we lose the ability to chose?  In many ways we already have.  Man has used technology to dominate and control each other and “their” people.  Money is man’s technology to substitute our time and energy for an arbitrary value in an unnecessary role in survival in the make believe worlds we are creating.  In fact, we are so successful making ourselves believe the unbelievable that you may not even be able to believe much of what I am saying.  You may think these ideas extreme or fatalist.  Ask yourself this?  Do you feel fulfilled based on the way we live our lives in this culture, in this day and age? Or are you always working towards a future which never comes?

If we do not examine ourselves and our culture, how do we know what we are really creating and where we are going?  What if we are losing our conscious awareness and “free will”  as our instincts are programmed through technology?  Technology triggers our instinct for survival and creates its own dependency and addiction unconscious to us.  Much like an addict on drugs, the mind of man on technology becomes addicted to the action which brings it pleasure.  The more we use technology to communicate and experience our world the more it drives us instinctually and the more important it becomes.  Eventually, like drugs to an addict the need for technology will surpass the need for survival.  And then what?

If you do not ask yourself these important questions how do you expect to know the important answers?  Is it not our responsibility to look at what we are doing, the consequences, and be responsible to ourselves and others?  What if the future of mankind and our planet depended upon it?

It’s time to really think about what kind of future we are creating before we create it.  The more our culture accepts and uses technology the more dependent we become on it.  What if our dependency upon technology was our greatest risk?  If we are not looking at the changes we are making now how can we know how we are changing our futures? What if I told you we are lossing our minds to technology?  That seems pretty extreme!  Well, is it?  If we technology is bringing us together socially wouldn’t we feel closer?  If technology is helping us communicate wouldn’t we be understanding each other better?

I have created some shirts to share some of my ideas and to promote awareness.  This is an open, ongoing article I plan to edit from time to time to share more and try to convey my experience as best I can. I hope you read this with an open mind and understand I am not being critical of anyone.  I am not saying you or anyone else is wrong, or bad.  I am not saying technology is bad.  I am merely talking about some things which are hard to face and often cause us to shut down and deflect.  Who wants to question things?  Who wants to question reality?  Who wants to question what it means to be human?  I do. And I have.  I have done a lot of the heavy lifting already for you if you choose to take in and consider what I am trying to say.  My life studies in Philosophy, Religion and Social Sciences coupled with ample personal experince has taught me a few things over the years.  I feel like I have lived several life times already in this life.  It has been a lot of sef-destruction, rebirth, taking an honest look at myself, practicing better behavior, getting the support I need and practicing a way of life that gives me a faith which is supreme.

All my life I have sought truth.  I have sought after the truth of knowledge and reality.  What does it mean to be human?  How do we experience ourselves and the world?  What power do we have?  What can we change?  How do we change?  These have been important questions for me and many more I know who felt unfulfilled, or just could not continue to live they way they were living.   Many of these people were in enough pain to open their minds and become willing to really listen to someone else’s ideas and try them on for themselves.  They say, “take what resonates, and leave the rest”.  You don’t have to rely on pain to motivate change.  You can open your mind and try things for yourself any time you let go of fear and open your mind to understand something for yourself.

I believe communication is key to our understanding everything.  It provides our experiences and shapes our reality.  Technology has made significant changes in how we communicate and how our culture is experienced.  Some of these changes are good.  Some of these changes, not so good.  Technology allows instant global communication in new and exciting ways.  We are able to experience many new things. These experiences are often very attractive.  They are made to be attractive.  They provide us pleasure (more often than not).

Pleasure is how our instincts are programmed for survival.  Pleasure is suppose to tell us when something is good for our survival. Since the dawn of man in the roots of our brain we have had pleasure to guide us instinctually to what is suppose to help us survive.  When we procreate, or eat we feel pleasure.  These things are important for our survival.  What happens when pleasure has far exceeded its naturally intended purpose and creates its own feelings of need for survival? Pleasure for pleasure’s sake.  There is nothing wrong with seeking personal fulfillment.  We all do it to varying degrees.

However, pleasure is much more about self-fulfillment than survival. Pleasure is about getting what we want.  If we find pleasure online, remotely, what are we teaching ourselves?  If an action is pleasurable we will want to repeat the behavior. The more we do it, the more we want to do it.  Eventually, this creates dependency and even addiction. How we seek pleasure shapes how we experience pleasure.

If we don’t challenge ourselves, our way of thinking and living we are leaving our future in the hand’s of a man made world without question.  Don’t you want to know where we are going based upon what we are doing? Apathy will only allow technology to create more apathy.  When will we learn how to be in balance with ourselves and the world? Technology is not inherently evil, but we can misuse or overuse technology and create problems.  Don’t you want to know how we are living may create problems for our future?  We need to be aware of the choices we make and what most likely will come of them down the line.  It is time to stop blindly accepting technology and ask oursevles what real purpose does it serve, and how do I want to experience my existence?

It’s tough to ask the big questions.  What is really happening in my life or the world?  Where are we going?  What will happen if I continue to do something, or not do something? Life demands our time and energy enough as it is.  Who has time for this deeper questioning of reality?  Let me keep my job and car and home and provide for myself and my family and all is well.  That is hard enough, demanding most of our time and energy.  Isn’t that something to question?  Do you really want to spend your time and energy working for a job you have or even want?  The American Dream.  Apple Pie and White picket fences, right?  However, if we don’t look at the direction we are taking we have no idea where where we are going.  We are becoming more dependent on technology all the time.  Do we ask ourselves what will happen if we use technology?  Some are obvious.  A gun fires bullets.  However, what if the technology we use is alienating us and lessening our ability to effectively communicate and connect with others?   Who wants to live in a world all by themselves without real connection to others?  I know some people may prefer this, but do you?

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Part 2

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Forbidden Apple T-shirt by oneofftees
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Is it a coincidence Apple’s logo represents man’s disobedience of God, and Original Sin?  All religion aside, there is a great message in this metaphor.  Culturally, science has gained our blind faith much like religion once did.  Science and religion are not inherently bad or even at odds.  However, everything in the natural world is in harmony with the natural world except us.  I believe we need to understand why we are out of sync with nature and make changes before we destroy ourselves and our planet.  I believe, much of this comes down to how man creates and uses “technology”.

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One extreme might say science is man’s attempt at playing God.  With genetically engineered organisms,  cloning, and 3 dimensional media we are competing with the natural order of things.  If the word God sparks distaste try substituting the G.Reat O.ut D.oors for instance.  We are talking about nature. Man’s obsession with power and control has the world on the verge of sliding towards death and people’s minds under the influence of technology and media.  We are losing our minds in technology which is making the ability to change our minds even harder.  We are talking about a progression over time. However, technology is changing at faster and faster rates with less premeditation, accountability, or conscience.  Technologies power over us is exceeding our ability to understand it.  We are at the whim of our whims.  All the while the corporate and government money which funds science is being used to understand you, your likes, desires and behavior to assume what you might do or want.  It’s called marketing, but what is marketing really but the use of technology to influence the mind of the masses to work and consume as those in power would have us, so they can stay in power.  Techonoly is man’s attempt at power over himself and the world.  How is it going so far?  Is our experience miraculous?  Do we feel fulfilled?  Are we happy right where we are, or are we working towards a “future” which may never exist?

We are losing our ability to think for ourselves, and experience the real world.  It is so effective because it is subtle and mainly unconscious.  Let’s not forget that there is more to the human experience than the story you are telling yourself in your head and the things you want.  It’s infinitely bigger.  Without something greater than yourself, you are alone in your own world at the will of your limited power.  Open your mind to new ideas.  Look at the world more closely.  Look at yourself more closely.  Be honest.  And let’s all live, learn and love together! The learning and loving are optional ; )

Part 3

Screen life.

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We take from the earth to process and produce, fashion whatever we want to our liking.  We create things which do not exist in nature.  We create worlds in the palm of our hands.  Many tout man’s technology as the greatest accomplishment ever?  Is it?  What kind of experience are we creating in our lives?  If we continue on the path we are on where might it lead us?  Do we really want to live this way at risk of losing ourselves and our minds, or do we just want more of the seeming comforts, entertainment, and distractions technology provides us?

Our culture has a blind faith in science that is downright dogmatic.  Centuries ago the famous Italian astronomer Galileo was persecuted for his belief that the Earth was not the center of the universe.  Now, whatever science says is like the word of God.  Let us not forget, science takes funding, and funding is motivated by profits, so we cannot believe science is truly objective or has our best interests in mind.  Science has helped man create some interesting and powerful things, but to what end?  Science is based on the “best guesses” the mind of man could imagine which have yet to be disproven.  There is no truth, just information which has yet to be disproven.  Our whole understanding of reality and the universe is based on particle and wave theoray.  Now, scientist are beginning to beleive reality is made up of particular qualities interacting with each other.  What does that mean for physics and all of science?  Maybe, nothing.  But, the doubt should remain.  Do not be captured by the spectacle of man’s creation.  It is merely a state of passive receptivity which allows for programming and control without knowledge by the host.

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Let’s take a look at the world technology is creating.  We have our Screen Lives on mobile devices and flat screens everywhere.  We have two dimensional audiovisual worlds.  Man attempts three dimensional reality, which is fine, but these realities are missing very important elements.  For instance, technology provides us a world we can see and hear, but cannot, touch, taste, or smell.  So what?

Reality is experienced with all five senses working simultaneously. The more time we spend in the audiovisual world the more the audiovisual world stimulates us and creates a dependency upon it.  Technology targets the same pleasure center of the brain that drugs do.  Over time, the natural world becomes less stimulating as our hearing and sight are dominate in our Screen Life. We lose the ability to really connect with others and  effectively communicate.  We become isolated and feel alienated.  This breeds fear.  Mass media reinforces our fears and we begin to feel more dependent upon the system. Self-awareness is traded for distraction and dissociation.  We live in our heads and our ability to really chose our own path and change is lost.  We become more reactive and automatic.  The more unconscious we become the less power we really have.

Social media has us sharing personal information at an unprecedented level.  Thousands even millions of people can see what we post online.   We have the freedom to be selective and control what we share.  We can put ourselves out there however we like, often, to give the impressions of ourselves we want others to have.  This is not always a conscious act.

Our identities online are created externally based on the response or lack of response we get from others.  In the age of social media our identities are created by how people respond only to the information we share about ourselves.  It’s no wonder we may feel lost, unsure of ourselves, even depressed and unfulfilled like nobody truly understands us and who we really are.  We need real connection.  Let’s not lose that!

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Communicating remotely through visual and sometimes audio is not fully communicating.  Communication requires presence.  Most of communication is made through body language.   Without being physically present with someone we lose most of the information we need to communicate and understand each other.  We get more  information from someone’s posture, gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice than anything else.  It is hard enough communicating in person and truly understanding each other.  It becomes infinitely harder online or over a phone as a text or message.  We have to assume most of the information we need to understand each other.  Were they serious?  How serious?  Is this a joke?  Are they making fun of me?  We are left with more questions than answers.

We tell ourselves a story about what things mean.  Without direct information our stories are not based in “fact” or reality.  We are telling ourselves a story about what everything means all the time.  It is how we understand things.  The information we use to make sense of things is vitally important.  Information is only as good as the source making decisions on what to believe even harder than it already is, especially when it becomes more difficult to really know what someone means like online.  We are left to fill in the blanks.  Often, we may tell ourselves a story about how we are not good enough or worthy of one thing or another.  This is amplified by everyone else’s insecurity and fear online which produces a lack of public interaction.  People know much more about you than the “likes” or comments you are getting.  It is a self-reinforcing, self-deflating, anti-social activity.  Anyone who has used social media regularly knows how much drama is amplified online.

Let’s end on a positive note.  Technology is not inherently bad.  How people use it can be.  Let’s be educated as to the effects using technology has on ourselves and the world.  We are what we do in this world, and the lives we chose, whether consciously or not are our perpetuating whatever beliefs we may have about ourselves and the world.  Unless we take a look at our beliefs and true motives behind what we do, we are in the dark assuming we know what we are doing instead of really knowing.  We lose our real freedom to choose something with real understanding of what we are choosing.

Let’s live, love and learn together!

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