Jake Chaplin – Music Producer


Jake Chaplin attended Musicians’ Institute and has played and taught guitar most of his life.  Jake has played in bands and jammed live a lot as well.  Jake Chaplin started Reflectiv in 2006 with singer-songwriter Chris Jaden of the band “The Flu”.  In 2007 he met singer-songwriter Lou Evans and formed the band “For the Broken”. Jake did backup vocals in the band Reflectiv and wrote, played and recorded every instrument in his band “For the Broken” including lead vocals.

Jake worked with Resonant Frequency Records in 2007 to produce singer-songwriter Gerald Lee of the San Diego based reggae band “Zig Zag Jones” solo album “The Return”.  Jake Chaplin produced Reflectiv’s album that summer as well.  Jake has also worked as a sound engineer for Last Drop Mastering as well as an assistant Engineer at Crescendo! Studios.  Jake currently works with “Swell Music” as a composer and producer of commercial music for TV and film.


Jake started a new band “Silver Canteen” and a Strokes cover band.  He produced Lou Evans first full album in 2015 and continues to work with various musicians and producers under his new company Mix 1 Mastering where Jake specializes in recording, producing, and mastering bands.  Jake Chaplin recorded and produced Lou Evan’s first full length album  “Lost Then Found” and is producing music with various other artists.