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Take the acid test – Beyond Dubstep – Tavius Dot Org

“Beyond Dubstep” is the brainchild of Tavius Dot Org, his first concept album after a decade of mixing experimental electronic music.  Dubstep had made electronic music mainstream in America and inspired Tavius to experiment with the concept of Dubstep, but push beyond.  Dubstep is typically around 140 beats per minute.  Each track on the “Beyond Dubstep” album is in a root note at 140 BPM.  Pulling from early roots in the underground club/rave scene of the late 90’s as an old school break-beat (Bassbin Twins) and deep house (White Label) “DJ Tantric”  DJ in San Francisco 1999-2000 when Electronica was what electronic music was referred to, and the music scene consisted of trance, techo/house, drum and bass, and chill/down-tempo at most.  Now many many sub genre’s of each style and many more genres of electronic music have emerged over the years. It is constantly expanding.

Tavius takes his love for dance and electronic music and it’s many layers and unique sounds to experiment with the sound spectrum in new ways.  Dynamics move through the mix rather than the equalization of the beat dominating.  More mid-range sound is present as layers upon layers mix and mingle.  It is an extra-terrestrial mind-scape of sound and adventure through time and space, an experience in sound and vibration like nothing else ever-before, the culmination of 16 years mixing electronic music and 4 years of mixing this album is finally released free, but only partially mastered.

It is recommended you turn the volume up on good headphones and listen to the album in its entirety ; )  brace yourself.  This is an intense ride.

Here is a quote from music producer and singer-songwriter Jake Chaplin (Silver Canteen)

“The first song is my favorite, great bass wobbling and stutter effects happening. Love that funky guitar on song 4 and the unexpected acid flash back smile emoticon. Song 6 hooked me in from the start and took me for an action packed ride. I think it would be a great song introducing a super villain character in a Matrix type movie. Cool indie guitar riff on song 8 with a nice industrial beat behind it. I love how your songs take you on an unexpected journey, than break and take you back home, or face down in the dirt. Either way is fuckin’ cool. Love the panning you did on track 9. Great use of the stereo field. Disorienting and awesome. The pads and leads you used on track 11 was very tasteful. And ending with a reggae’ish dub track from outer space. Very cool Gustavius Dyer Aiton. Thank you for your creation. Best work yet!”

Thanks to Auguste Coleman for introducing me to Skrillex and Dubstep, and for decades of inspiration from Amon Tobin.

Credits: Those who helped specifically on this project are Jake Chaplin (Chaplin Production and the band Silver Canteen) having helped master the first track on this album “Beyond Dubstep – Root Note A”, and for the services of Nathan Allen (Formerly ASA Artist “Analyst” and Last Drop Studios Santa Calra, CA) for mastering the third track on this album “Beyond Dubstep – Root Note B” – Last Drop Mastering where you can upload an audio file and get a free sample of what they can do with your sound!  Last Drop Mastering is by far the finest mastering resource I have found must affordable ; )

I also want to think Justin Morales from The Band Seabright, and Actual Rafiq for their interest and inspiration in my music over the years!

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