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Custom “One Off Tees” by Tavius Dot Org 

“To make a statement

and raise awareness!”

Forbidden?"Just Did It!" black hoodie by #livelikegoose

Apple Forbidden Fruit tee shirt
Apple Forbidden Fruit tee shirt

by oneofftees
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Shirt by oneofftees
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Faith is a tee shirt concept I came up with looking at past tee shirts and thinking of new ones.  I really like this  concept tee : )


Higher Power



Riffing on the sports bar logo for “Power Bar” I had this created for the concept of being “Higher Powered”.  In recovery from addiction we seek to find a power greater than ourselves which can do for us what we cannot.  This idea supports that.  However, someone who does not know this might think it means you are powered by being high?  Not sure.  It goes either way depending on your lifestyle I suppose.


Why kill bacteria with antibiotics to get better when Probiotics keep us well?  Also, much of the food processed with gluten and high fructose corn syrup feed a particular type of bacteria that overpopulates the digestive track, causing unhealthy weight gain and addiction to these foods.  In a anti-biotic using medical culture, killing the bacteria which help us digest and with immunity is not the natural way of combating illness due to bacteria.  However, Probiotics improve digestion and the immune system which is in large part the digestive system, which can help us stay well (and not need antibiotics, perhaps : )   Antibiotics are appropriate treatments in medically determined applications when needed.  Let’s promote health and well being through Probiotics and wean ourselves off of antibiotic dependencies!

Truth Addict

Truth Addict Tshirts
Truth Addict Tshirts by oneofftees
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“Truth Addict” is a concept from a Rage Against the Machine lyric from the song Vietnow off of there second album.  Rage “Terror is the product you push / well, I am a truth addict / shit I got a head rush”, was the first line off that album that stuck in my mind and has never left.  “Truth Addict” also plays with Addiction and Recovery as “The truth shall set you free”, and some seek “The Truth” in the use of drugs and alcohol, or perhaps truth in music as well.  I say seek the truth the old fashion way, naturally : ) – Caution explicit lyrics!

Department of Homeland Conspiracy 
Department of Homeland "Conspiracy" 1off T by Tavius

Department of Homeland “Conspiracy” 1off T by Tavius

Department of Homeland Conspiracy Shirts by oneofftees
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“Office of Homeland Conspiracy” is a tee shirt riffed off of the actual office of Homeland Security.  The seal has been altered to show this change from “Security” to “Conspiracy”.  I think its a fairly accurate play on things.  The more we find out about our government, the more we realize we are not in control and that the powers that be are attempting to keep it that way at almost any price.

Sharing is Caring


“Sharing is Caring”- Tavius Dot Org – Care Bears were my youths version of caring cartoons I suppose, and its a cute tee shirt and lovely way to promote Tavius Dot Org, and the ideas here ; )

Paleo Diet

Paleo Cave Man Tees
Paleo Cave Man Tees by oneofftees
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Paleo era man lived off animals and plants.  Paleo diets and mostly meat and vegetables.  The “Cave Man” era joke is a funny spin on it to help raise awareness of this healthy diet.

Lets Be Lemmings (no I’m kidding;)


Leemings are rodents who migrate via the ocean.  Many jump of cliffs into the ocean and do not survive.  Here is a video of these cute little buggers giving it the heave-hoe!  The dark humor of “Save the Planet / Be a Lemming” comes from the fact man destroys the planet and the only way to stop us is to destroy ourselves.  I do not really believe this, just in case you were wondering. Caution disturbing video!


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