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The mastermind genius behind Last Drop Mastering is an amazing man I have known for some time.  I first met Nathan Allen in 2001. His instrumental beats as artist “Analyst” inspired me to write lyrics and record vocals in his studio in 2005 “Last Drop Studio”.

Last drop started as an affordable recording studio for bands. After Nathan had perfected his recording skills he began to develop his mastering skills as well, offering free samples of bands music mastered by him to show them what they could sound like.  He chose bands and musicians he liked, and developed a business from myspace band accounts when they were the place to have your music.  Nathan developed his business to include employees.

Last Drop Free Sample

 Last Drop Mastering still offers affordable professional mastering to artists, bands, and musicians.  If you want to get a free sample of what your audio would sound like mastered by Last Drop just upload your file here Last Drop Mastering.  I have had almost all of my audio mastered by Last Drop.  In fact, my latest album, “Dark Night of the Digital Soul” is almost entirely mastered by Last Drop!  Many other bands and musicians far more mainstream than me have professionally mastered their music affordably with Last Drop Mastering.


Follow Nathans travels in the Philippines through his amazing photo story blog  I Dreamed of This which proves to me the far reaches of his artistry and genius!  Nathan is not just a musician, producer, engineer, but a photographer, world traveler, entrepreneur and inspirational man living his life to the fullest!