Demetra George – Astrology

I had amazing Astrological Reading September 22nd, 2015 by Demetra George, a gift from my Father and Nancy for my 38th birthday.  This gift was just the insight and guidance I needed, at a time I really needed it.  I was skeptical about how accurate an astrological reading could be, but kept an open mind, as the universe can use anyone to convey a lesson if one is willing to listen.  I couldn’t have written a more accurate appraisal myself!  Thank you both : )

Healing is an art, and astrology is no exception.  The intuition, relevancy, and accuracy of Demtra George is profound and amazing!  We did the reading over Skype, and she recorded it which I am sharing for you to hear below.  She is wonderfully amazing, and true insight into astrology can be learned from hearing her reading of me below.  She also teaches astrology and you can learn more about her and her services on her web page  I find it fascinating how much a resonated with what she shared and so specifically.