Artist Collective

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Artist Collective

Artist Collective is a PRE-IPO startup empowering artists to fully realize their dreams whatever they are.  In this ever-growing and changing digital age navigating the world as an artist has become more difficult than ever.  However, there are some tools available to artists if you know where to look, but they are hard to find ad often fail to make a significant difference.  Almost every website on the internet that claims to help artists are not helping artists profit.  This is why Artist Collective exists, “artists helping artists to be artists”.

The founder and CEO of Artist Collective, Tavius Dyer, has been a music producer, radio DJ,  record label owner, published poet, and photographer as well as graphic artist designer.  Tavius helped found a non-profit “South Bay Live” to bring everyone involved in the performing arts community in the south Bay Area together to help raise awareness of the issues and road blocks everyone in the scene faced.

Barb Rocks was one of those dedicated volunteers who went on to Left Coast Live which was one of the ideas to come out of South Bay Live.  I have an interview with Barb Rocks about her journey as a music promoter and band representative.


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