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Lou Evans new album “Lost Then Found” music review by Tavius.org!

New record release Friday, July 17th, 2015 at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA.

Lou Evans has always had great heart and grace in his singing, songwriting and performances.  However, this album reaches even deeper and more heartfelt than anything I have ever heard from him before and I absolutely love it!  It’s more of what is already great about Lou Evans, and then some.   This project is so exciting!  I can’t wait to hear it live!

Lou Evans has a sweet voice and his style of singing has really grown in breadth and bloomed in new ways on this project.  His vocal acrobatics, variations, and harmonies show a stellar singer who has matured to his ripest yet.

The songs on this album “Lost Than Found”, speak to the root of what it is to be human in this modern age.  Any fan should be really excited about this album!  If you have yet to discover him, don’t miss out.  His collaboration with producer Jake Chaplin is top notch.

If this is Lou’s trajectory, as I have been seeing the past two years, anything is possible! I love witnessing Lou Evans grow and became even more of himself as a person and artist.  They are one.  It’s a beautiful thing for Lou Evans to share with us his authentic self-discovery in these amazingly penned and bitter-sweetly sung songs.  He really sings his heart out for us lyrically with poetry that speaks to the core of our soul.  Lou Evans has arrived.

Thank you Lou for being you and sharing it how beautifully you do!

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Here are videos of Lou Evan’s performance I recorded on my smart phone at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA Friday July 17th for his full length album record release “Lost Then Found”.

It was an amazing night, to say the least.  The opener “Belmont Lights” from San Diego was bomb!  They were a tight band, with deep bass drums and a strong singer who belted out anthems such as “Warrior” which supposedly was the basketball team Warriors anthem this 2015 season where they one the title.

Lou Evans and his band were great.  The venue was so beautiful with ornate surfaces, and upstairs balcony’s at either side.  The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA is beautiful and intimate theater setting to enjoy food, drinks, and music.  I saw some dear friends, Jake Chaplin, who produced Lou’s album and co-wrote and performed a track from Lou’s new album “The Hunger”.  Barb Rocks was in attendance having booked and promoted the show as well as long time friends and fans of this music, Dave Ball and Matt Pickering.

The most beautiful surprise was the last song Lou performed as an encore.  The projector came on showing pictures of Lou and his girlfriend.  He sung a song he had written for her, and then jumped off stage to get on one knee and propose to her.  It was a very beautiful experience to witness and to be a part of.  She said yes, and joined him on stage to thank everyone.  Lou shared it was the greatest night of his life thus far, and you could tell.  He just beamed on stage with joy and love.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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