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It all started in 2010, for me.  I was suffering from extreme emotional swings.  I had been treated for depression and anxiety most of my adult life.  I went in to treatment and the program psychiatrist happened to be my Dad’s psychiatrist back in the day. Even more amazing is what happened next.

She read my history and told me she was going to check my thyroid.  I had never had my thyroid checked before, though I had taken almost every medication I heard of for depression and anxiety.  This particular doctor believed the thyroid played a major role in mental health.

She saved my life!  My thyroid was elevated, my liver and kidneys were shutting down, and the medication doctors put me on was reaching toxic levels! If she hadn’t had my thyroid tested I could have died.

This doctor told me about a natural supplement for brain balance and health.  She told me, people who are unresponsive to medication tend to respond well to this natural supplement.  It was their “Empower Supplement”!


I was able to take this supplement while coming off psychiatric medications which were causing health issues and felt better than ever!  I still saw doctors regularly and continued medication off and on, but Empower has been an excellent supplement with or without medication.  If you are taking medication consult with your doctor and they will probably look at the label of ingredients and tell you it is fine to take it. Thats what mine told me. However, True Hope has a dedicated staff to assisting you with your use of this product and have been willing to work with doctors.  Doctors usually have no problem with this Empower Supplement because it is all natural ingredients.

You can get these ingredients from many sources.  The magic of Empower is the synergistic blend of nutrients to promote brain health and balance.  It is how each ingredient works with the other in optimal dosages.  I definitely suggest reaching out these these wonderful people and discussing how one of their all natural supplements may help you or someone you love.  It has saved my life and always works when my medication does not.  That’s my experience with this amazing product.  I hope you check it out for yourselves and see how you may be able to better manage your brain health and balance : )

Philosopher Stoned - Recovered book and album release 2009 shot by Jonathan Jeyes

Philosopher Stoned – Recovered book and album release Shot by Jonathan Reyes


Thank you for reading this and I hope you share this information with anyone who may be able to benefit from a supplement which promotes brain balance and health : )

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