Hiding in Plain Site – A Poem About Grief

Hiding in Plain Site


I’m here

But I don’t want to be

And its not your fault


I don’t know how to be myself right now


Something has come between us

I feel it


But it has no words

To work with


It’s not just







Or shyness


I’m not avoiding you


I don’t like you

Or am upset with you


I just don’t know what to say

Or how to say it


Right now

There is so much

Going on

Inside me


I am so preoccupied with everything I am going through


I feel bad

I can’t quite be

Fully present or engaging


You feel so far away

I don’t feel like I have the energy

To meet you

Where you are


It’s cramped

In here


I’m alone but with you in spirit


And don’t want to bother anyone

I don’t feel I have anything good to offer anyone

I don’t want to bring you down


I don’t want you to catch

My disease

Even though

I know you cannot


I sometimes feel this way


All I really want to say is that I love you

And only want the best for you

And I am here as much as I can be right now

And I hope you understand.



Tavius Dyer Monday August 8, 2016

Posted in Holistic, Personal, Perspectives, Recovery.

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