Some Significant Problems with Politics in America

The main problem with politics in America is simply the fact that the United States is not a true Democracy.  If it were, the popular vote would prevail.  However, we elect representatives who vote as they do, without real accountability to their constituents beyond their own re-electability, but in some rare cases.  Senator Bernie Sanders is one of them.  Here is a man who marched with Martin Luther King and has been the voice for equality and majority his ENTIRE career which spans decades and insists on not taking money from big business but the voters directly!

Now, we see, in America, a defiance of establishment politics, meaning more Americans are fed up with the same old bull shit.  The usual suspects (Democrats and Republicans) are getting outted or as close as will be allowed.  It is time for change.  We have a political system who polarizes the middle as if it were the full swing of the political pendulum.  Anybody, not just left or just right of the middle is polarized, like Bernie Sanders, labeled a communist (as if that is ideally a bad thing).  I am not for the popular “pretend” communist regimes of modern history who were really dictatorships under the guise of Communism, almost as much as America is an Oligarchy under the guise of Democracy.

Basically, what I really want to say is this. No matter how close Bernie Sanders gets to winning the Democratic Nomination, even if winning the delegates people vote for there are still 700 “Super” delegates or roughly 15% of the delegates who get to vote however they please, and most already voted for Hilary Clinton, even before the country really began to weigh in on what it wanted.  If we the people vote for more delegates to Bernie Sanders, he still wont get to run for president because there are a bunch of people we don’t directly elect that vote as they please.

Another example in our lack of Democracy is the 1992 Presidential election when Al Gore had a million plus more votes than George W. Bush, but because of the “Electoral College” (representatives that vote for us by area who actually elect our president),  George W. Bush won the presidency.  And the electoral vote which gave Bush the election was in a district of Florida run by a Bush relative, who called for a questionable recount after Al Gore was already determined President of the United States of America!  Somehow, George W.  Bush got the victory despite over a million Americans more voting for Al Gore.   That somehow, is the electoral college like “delegates” in nominee elections who vote for us, many of which do not vote based on what the people vote, necessarily.  As long as the citizens of the United States of America are removed from the direct election of elected officials and those officials merely reflections of the popular vote, America will not truly be a Democracy, and real freedom will remain our biggest lie.

The plain fact is that the United States is a Democratic Republic which is significantly different than the freedom-totting true Democracy America pretends to be and violently will upon much of the rest of the world.  How can you give something to someone you don’t actually have yourself?  How can the US give Democracy to other countries when the US is not really a true Democracy itself?

This is another important point in Bernie Sander’s campaign, stop trying to control the rest of the world overthrowing other people’s governments.  It’s not working.  Many of America’s enemies were made this way, including Ben Laden (al qaeda), and Saddam Hussein (Iraq).  Who are we to tell other countries what to do when we do not even get to tell our government what to do?  So our government kills with our money in our name and we have little or nothing to say about it?  How is this Democracy?  When do I get a say?

And so it is.  A rant.  A rave.  Easily dismissable as emotional and sophomoric, but the ideas are real, and they are significant in the lives of everyone. We need to stop feeding the lies, and live in the truth.  We must demand it.  It’s time to take back our country (if we ever really had it to begin with), and promote real Democracy, where the people directly elect their officials who only represent the majority.  A government for the people, by the people, just as the United States Constitution guarantees US citizens.  When are we going to get our Constitutional Rights guaranteed us?  Until the majority is directly represented, our constitutional rights are at root denied, and we fail to be a true Democracy.  When are the people of this country going to rise as one and make a real change for the people, by the people and accept no less?  What will it take?

I was thinking about the “checks and balances” of the Republic of the United States.  There are three distinct branches of government,  the executive, which is the president, the legislative, which is the congress, and the judicial, which is the court system.  I believe, until we have a strong third party “Independent” in our political process bi-partisanship will continue to polarize America.  Bernie Sanders is an Independent running on the Democratic ticket.  I imagine, unfortunately, that no matter how the Democrats vote, even if Bernie Sanders gets more delegates by vote, the “super” delegates will ensure Hilary Clinton is the nominee.  The only way Bernie wins the nomination is if he gets more than 60% of the overall delegates. This would be nothing short of a miracle.  I have had my doubts since the get go, and continue to have them even now.

We have won the most important thing in this election process already,  the motivation of our youth to participate in politics like never before, and the overall desire for change translating into votes.

Now we just need votes to make the real changes without any degree of separation in representation of the majority.

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