5 senses in 3 dimensions versus 2 senses in 2 dimensions

I have always been fascinated by technology and communication.  My personal insights and studies were about how technological advancement on modes of communication affect the human condition.  In other words, what happens to humans who use technology to communicate more and more.  There is a basic trade off when using technology to communicate.  For starters, reality is three dimensional, and we have five senses to experience it (feeling, sight, sound, smell, and taste).   Technology provides two dimensions and only two senses, sight and sound.   There is an obvious trade off, which is fine in moderation.  However, what happens to us as we spend more and more time experiencing life in two dimensions with only two senses?  Those senses begin to dominate our reality and overpower the other senses.  Eventually, the two dimensional audiovisual reality becomes more important and powerful a stimulus than the three dimensional reality we all share with five senses.  That is quite a trade off.

I am not saying use of technology in communication is bad.  I am saying, overuse of technology in communication is bad.  Why is it bad?  We ultimately trade our natural three dimensional reality and five senses of experience for two dimensions and two senses.  That is not all.  More problematic is the fact that the more we use technology to communicate the more our brain adapts to using it.  The more our brains adapt to using technology to communicate the more our brain seeks technology to communicate.  Some might say, so what?  The problem goes deeper.

Technology in communication is developed to get and maintain your attention.  The longer you are online the more adds they can sell, for instance.  Technology is used to manipulate media into something that rewards your pleasure center of your brain much like drugs our sex does.  However,  the doses are smaller and less noticeable, but over time unconsciously rewire your survival instincts so that you believe you actually need technology to survive.  We become addicted.  And like any good addict we are in denial.  We defend our online lifestyle and take any counter to it as a personal offense rather than considering information with an open mind and making conscious and educated decisions.  Scientific research is not funded by people who want to understand what technology is doing to us rather than how to profit from our growing need and dependence upon it.

As Nietzsche said, “religion is the opiate of the masses”, I say, “technology is the new opiate of the masses”.

Be aware.  Make conscious educated choices. Keep an open mind.

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