Mental Climate Change



We have all heard of Global Warming and Climate Change. If technology has been so damaging of the natural environment, wouldn’t it follow logically, technology may be having a similar damaging effect on the internal environment of our minds? What if our dependency on media were similar to our dependency on fossil fuels, polluting the natural environment of the mind, and changing the “climate” of our minds, changing the way we think, feel and experience the world? What if our dependency on consuming media was also becoming an addiction? We would have blind faith in technology and deny the any serious or potential damage occurring to ourselves. Isn’t that precisely where we stand now, accepting whatever technology we are given to consume without serious question to its overall effect or the future it will bring? This is precisely where we stand today. However, the damage in our minds is not as easy to see as the damage of the natural environment in the external world, so, it may be far more dangerous and addiction and disease.

My post on “Screen Life” goes into some of this more ; )


Media Fuels Mind

Media is extracted

out from under

the pressures of reality

buried in layers

over the landscape

of our unconscious


Technology processes media

for optimal combustion

fuels the engine of our minds,

or distracts us from the reality of our lives

but for a moment

of release from the ordinary

to escape

the boredom of being


by ourselves and each other

or the feeling of loneliness

created by our inability

to effectively communicate

with each other,

and connect


Mental Climate Change

causes Mental Warming

of the collective consciousness

into the rising solidarity

of a simultaneous experience



and pain,


and violence.

Tavius Dyer, Saturday, July 16th, 2016