Along Came a Spider

Along came a spider.

She spread her web along the mainstream.  She caught nearly everyone that tried to pass and wove them into cocoons. Then she drained them slowly of all things which gave them life.

The spider masterly managed her ever growing web.  She had constant connection to everything that was going on.  She could tell when anything moved or changed. The movement was carried through the web and brought back to her.  She learned how to read the signals. Eventually, the spider mastered her web and was the envy of all the spiders.  

Some jealous spiders tried to use her web, but she was a black widow.  She seduced them all and killed them.

After some time, her web became so intricate and varied she would get lost.  Then came the day when she had spun too much web and entangled herself.  She hadn’t even realized she had done it.  She was too busy thinking she was managing her web when in fact she was just spinning herself into a cocoon.

The other spiders began to traverse her web and devour everyone she spun in their cocoons as they spun their own.  

And the rest will be history ; )