Life is a game. What game best describes your approach to life?


Clash of Clans – a clan is a group of closely-knit families.

Life is a Game

What game do you choose to play?

I remember playing the board game life when I was younger. Roll the dice, move your board piece and see what opportunities you land on. I’ve heard the card game analogy of life not being so much about the hand you are dealt but more about what you do with the hand you are dealt.

I recently started playing an online game for the first time since XBox 360 Live first came out. My son plays Clash of Clans and so does my girlfriend. They connected in a clan and started playing the game together. One night, my girlfriend told me something my son was saying. He is 3 hours away and I wondered how she knew. She told me you can message each other while playing the game. I thought how hard it is to keep up with kids these days. There are so many different ways but it’s not any easier to connect. I think it’s harder, so I decided to start playing the game so I could connect with my son more. I know what it feels like to have an absent father and a father who wasn’t into what I was into and didn’t support who I was and what I liked. This was a win win.

Just today, my girlfriend shared with me how life is like a video game. “When I earn and save so many gems I can upgrade my Clan Castle or train more troops.” I thought this was a great way of taking a look at life from a different perspective.

I recently looked up the definition of Clan which means a close-knit group of families. I thought, how appropriate.

Game of War

Life has rules just as games do. If you don’t play by the rules eventually you don’t get to play the game. You lose your freedom. I know this personally.

That same father who was all about what he was about also once told me that if I wanted to play the game of life I needed to play by the rules or not play at all. His point was that I would not succeed in the game of life unless I learned to work within the rules and that if I didn’t want to play the game of this life then I shouldn’t.  I should find my own way. He wasn’t suggesting I end my life (though I have tried that), but that I should find another way that works better for me.

Walking War Robots

The game of life is a great analogy especially in this technologically dominated information stimulating, game playing (figuratively and literally) world we live. What is your game?  Is it a first person shooter where you work alone or alone in teams?  Is it a turn based strategy game, where you take time to calculate your moves before you make them? By what game or set of rules do you live your life by?

The choice is always yours. Change your game and change your life ; )

Tavius Dyer

Sharing is Caring 1offT by Tavius

Sharing is Caring 1offT by Tavius