The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer

The Art of Asking for Help – Amanda Plamer ( band Dresden Dolls) makes an important statement about asking for what we need and how hard it can be.  I know this personally on so many levels.  I would not be here if it were not for the help others have given me whether I asked for it or not, bot learning how to ask for what I need is a powerful tool in my life today.  Not everyone knows what we are going through, or what we may need right now, or tomorrow.  Letting people know is letting people in.  Once we let someone in we are no longer alone, and our burden is lessened.  With the help of others I have been able to overcome many cchalleneges and difficulties.  Thank you all for beging there for me!

I also believe the future of art and music is about the artists and musicans getting direct support from family, friends, and fans working more closely together as well as other “Artist Helping Artists Be Artists” – Artist Collective