Some Words on Love



Some Words on Love 

I come to you

In infinite forms

So that you do not forget me

But remember

Who you really are

And why you are really here

I do these things out of love

I do not expect love

For what I do

But to do

What I do

Out of Love


Is to know

I already gave


To you

Hope is to know I love you

And expect nothing

But give love

For that is why it has been given

For what else is there to do

But Be

In Love

Because you are never



As I am


With you

Tavius Dyer, February 2, 2016


The Law of Conservation of Energy

The Law of Conservation of Energy


Cannot be created
Or destroyed

Only changed in form

As the light of this world

Becomes electricity
In our nervous system

Chemical reactions in our brains

And the electromagnetic

Back into this world

Our bodies
Are like conduits
To transform
The energy of this world
Through our minds
And into our open hearts
Producing love
In the world

What we think we are
Is just what energy
We hold on to

It becomes separate
From everything else

Through our attachments
We become
Who we are


The most important lesson
Based on my experience
Is simply this

Take this world in

As it presents itself
As it is

Hold on to nothing

And give it back
To itself

Through an open heart

Tavius, Monday, November 30, 2015

Being Present is Being in Love

Being Present is Being in Love

Being Present is Being in Love

Being Present is True Love

A Being present

Is the greatest gift

Anyone can give the world

It is much like anything we do

When letting go

Like falling


Or farting

I spend so much time in my head

Apply logic and reason to the world

To make sense of things

I tell a story

Which is all there is

Outside of now

My experience

I must let my mind fall

Rain down and soak into the soil of this world

That is my body

And connect with my heart

An electromagnetic pulse

Far more powerful than any logic or reason

And far my joyful

An experience

I say let yourself fall


Fall into Love

From head

To toe

Let yourself descend

Into this body that is you

Feel your neck


Back and sides

Hips and legs and feet

Feel your heart open

Into bloom

Pour out into the world


True Love.

Tavius Dyer, Friday July 10th, 2015- Sent from my iphone.